Suede, Leather and Furs

Suede, Leather, and Furs

Leather & Suede

Suede, Leather and Fur Garments Cleaning Services 

Leather, suede, & fur garments require special handling. These items are extremely luxurious and it is necessary to protect these investment pieces. Leather and suede pieces may contain hidden imperfections that can weaken the skin and cause discoloration after cleaning.

At Empire Dry Cleaners, we specialize in successfully cleaning all types of fur, leather and suede. Your piece will be returned to you in perfect condition without warping, discoloration or stretching.

Also cleaning and finishing itself is not done the same as fabric cleaning. Being animal skins, they react to cleaning methods differently and require different solvents and equipment in the cleaning process as well as special handling techniques in the finishing process.


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